How to Update Settings from Configuration File

How to Update Settings from Configuration File

From V1.6 firmware, Git2 support update settings from configuration file. Normally after upgrade with new firmware, the settings will be reset to default. Using the configuration file to update settings, will help you to save time to recover the settings, also great help if you have multiple Git2 cameras to change setting.

  1.        Upgrade the firmware to the latest V1.6 version, please check here for the V1.6 version.
  2.        Save the UICONFIG.BIN file to the SD card;
  3.        Change the settings in UICONFIG.BIN(use the notepad or editplus to open this file), please only choose the options value listed in “git2 config.txt” file.
  4.      Hold the menu and power button to power on the camera(hold the menu button first, then long press the power button), it will power on the camera and automatically update the settings, after update the camera will be restarted automatically, and then you will find it use the new settings now.

Change log for V1.6 version:

  • 1. Added: Support Image Rotation
  • 2. Added: Update settings from configuration file
  • 3. Added: Photo Shutter Speed Options: 1/2000sec, 1/1000sec, 1/500sec, 1/250sec, 1/125sec
  • 4. Added: New Wi-Fi command for time-lapse, self-timer, etc.
  • 5. Added: Front LED On only option
  • 6. Added: Support mode/menu button to enable quick function
  • 7. Added: Support turn off screen via mode/menu button
  • 8. Improved: Default setting time is same as firmware released time.
  • 9. Improved: No frame drop in 1080P 60fps at low light condition.
  • 10. Improved: Update IQ.


  • Avatar
    Oct 6, 2016

    I'm having a problem, the GIT2 is not updating with the config file in the root of the SD card.

  • Avatar
    Bill lake
    Dec 5, 2016

    I do not know how to playback video do I need a sid card?

  • Avatar
    Jorge Luque Alias
    Mar 4, 2017

    No disponible firmware 1.6 para gitup git2. Por que no existir? Ayuda por favor

  • Avatar
    Jorge Luque Alias
    Mar 4, 2017

    No existir firmware 1.6 para gitup git2. Por que no existir cuando descargo el archivo? Ayuda por favor

  • Avatar
    Aug 10, 2017

    Hey, I wondering is it way to save existing settings to file?

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