Git2 V1.5 Beta Firmware

Git2 V1.5 Beta Firmware

Git2 V1.5 firmware is almost ready to official release, we share the beta version for who want to try first.

Download link:

Change log:

  • 1. Added: 4:3 aspect ratio for 2880x2160P 24fps mode 
  • 2. Added: Wi-Fi mode option: AP, Station
  • 3. Added: Support customize boot logo and power off logo
  • 4. Added: Wi-Fi Auto-start option: On, Off
  • 5. Added: Pause icon on screen while recording is paused 
  • 6. Added: Colourful color option in video and photo mode (lower saturation compared to Vivid option)
  • 7. Added: New OSD mode, only show video mode and recording dot 
  • 8. Added: Video shutter speed 1/48s
  • 9. Added: Contrast option for video and photo: Normal, High, Low
  • 10. Fixed: 2160P 24fps video not smooth
  • 11. Fixed: Camera powered off while the file reached 4GB in quick capture mode 
  • 12. Fixed: Camera restarting issue in quick capture mode, plug the charger while recording, then stop recording and unplug the charger after the camera powered off
  • 13. Fixed: Wrong EXIF info 
  • 14. Fixed: Video ZOOM issue while AV out in narrow mode
  • 15. Fixed: No RTSP stream in 720P 120fps mode
  • 16. Improved: Stop recording in middle level for remote shutter.
  • 17. Improved: Once press shutter button to start/stop recording while in screensave mode
  • 18. Improved: Web camera resolution is upgraded to 1920*1440
  • 19. Improved: Wi-Fi stream resolution is upgraded to 1280x960 if enable the Wi-Fi from 1440P or 1080P 4:3 mode.
  • 20. Improved: Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish language

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  • Avatar
    Crashed it
    Jun 8, 2016

    I now have 2 of three cameras bricked and un-usable now. Do not attempt this firmware upgrade. -Taylor

    • Avatar
      Jun 9, 2016

      Just dont use the wrong usb cable!

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