How to Customize the Video Stamp for GitUp GIT1

How to Customize the Video Stamp for GitUp GIT1

    A special stamp number on your video can not only make them easy to identify, but also memorable. For example, when you are recording your family party, if the video shows not just date on the down-right corner, but also some words like "Christmas party for 2015 ", it must be interesting and meaningful. What's more, if you use it as dash camera, you could customize the stamp number as your car license number that make it's easy to identify in some conditions.

    As for Git1, it supports this kind of function and can be easily worked.

1. Create a new .txt document and copy below text to the file and save it as “CarLicenseNum.txt”(


    Set_Car_License_Number:GITUP GIT1 ACTION CAMERA#

(Notice:Red font which will display on your video can be customized by yourself. It supports maximum 31 characters including the space, but only allow 0~9, a-z, A-Z characters for the moment.This is probably the first camera supports such long characters shown on the video.)

2. Copy the "CarLicenseNum.txt" file to your SD card root directory.

3. Insert your SD card into your Git1.

If you set the Show_Car_License_Number to be “On”, then you can see the stamp on your video. Here is the sample:

Above screenshot is from this video recorded by Git1:


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    Oct 5, 2015

    Hello!Would it be possible to further reduce the FOV from 120° to 90-100° through a custom firmware?Many thanks and all the best, Michael

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    Jim Harry
    May 11, 2016

    I had to remove the first line "Show_Car_License_Number:On" for my Git2 to show the proper text. If I leave line one in the text file, I get "On" imprinted in the video. Looks like it's just using the first line and anything after the colon.

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    Rodher Rodriguez
    Sep 4, 2016

    What I did on my git2: 1. (in the camera) Turn ON custom stamp (on settings) 2. Created a .txt file with this: Show_Car_License_Number:On Set_Car_License_Number:GITUP GIT1 ACTION CAMERA# 3. changed "On" with what I want the stamp to show (otherwise it didn't worked for me and just shows "ON" on the screen 4. Named (save) the .txt file as: CarLicenseNum HTH. Rodher R.

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    Sep 17, 2016

    Findings on Git2 - FW version 1.5 & 1.6 Beta: Set Custom Text Stamp to On Create a .txt file exactly like this CarLicenseNum.txt Add a free 31-character text string observing the following: - Start text with : (colon sign) - Finish the text with # (hashtag) to have the text aligned to your right near the date stamp - Should you not add the # at the end the text will leave the reaming of the 31-character string as spaces. - Do not use . (period sign) - Do not use foreign special characters - I tried with ç ã á and some others, all text is ignored - Be careful using other special characters like * ! $, most of them will cause the whole text to be ignored... share your findings! :)

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